Vitamin B17 - What's It?


Any kind of searching for cancer prevention on the web will bring up results for vitamin B17. Because most folks have never heard of this B17 vitamin, they are usually puzzled.

Sure, everyone has heard about B vitamins- a Vitamin B Complex pill every day that consists of the eight essential B vitamins is normally taken by many folks. Nonetheless, vitamin B17 is definitely not among those in the Vitamin B Complex; nor is it one most individuals are even aware of.

What's this B Vitamin?

Vitamin B15 , also called laetrile, is essentially amygdalin in its purified form. Amygdalin is a substance that's quite common in apricot seeds, though also it is present in other foods.

It may be ingested either through eating apricot seeds (or, in substantially smaller quantities, by eating other foods which contain it). Or, it may be taken in pill form. Pills are generally obtainable in either 100mg or 500mg concentrations.

What's Vitamin B17 for?

Vitamin B17, or laetrile, may be used to avoid cancer. In stronger doses, folks have reported that it continues to be fairly successful in treating cancer as well; yet, that is not its primary goal. It's designed to be utilized as a cancer prevention measure. To learn more about vitamins, visit .

It functions by destroying all the "bad cells" which are within the human body. Scientists have shown that our bodies are constantly making cancerous cells; taking vitamin B17 (laetrile) on a regular basis could work to rid the body of the cancerous cells.

How does Vitamin B17 work?

Laetrile has a dangerous part-cyanide-locked inside. The only time that will get unlocked and come out is in case the laetrile makes contact with a cell that is cancerous. Cancerous cells have an enzyme that somehow unlocks that cyanide, and the cyanide comes out to kill the cancerous cells. When the cyanide comes out, a neutralizing material also comes out and keeps the cyanide from damaging any nearby healthy cells.

By daily consuming Vitamin B17 , Cancerous cells never have the opportunity to develop as the laetrile ruins them too fast.

So, it is going to make lots of men and women interested to learn that vitamin B17 comes from something totally natural-apricot seeds. Yes, vitamin B17 is a product that is natural, as its source is simply a routine, everyday common fruit. Apricot seeds are what constitute vitamin B17, that is it. This vitamin is a purified type of the substance which is located inside apricot seeds. This substance is known as amygdalin, which is what's used to produce vitamin B-17.