The Wonderful Benefit Of Vitamin B17

We have all heard about the different B vitamins - these are usually found in food and nutritional supplements. We are all familiar with vitamin B complex which is composed of eight important B vitamins. However, many people are not aware that there is another B vitamin that is very powerful and beneficial.

What is Vitamin B17?

If you try searching online about cancer prevention, you will find search results pointing to vitamin B17. Laetrile, the chemical name of vitamin B17 is amygdalin in its purified form. Amygdalin can also be present in some foods such as bamboo sprouts, bitter almond, lentils and berries, but it is most abundant in apricot seeds.

Vitamin B17 can be ingested by eating apricot seeds in small amounts combined with other foods which also contain amygdalin. There are also available pills in 100mg and 500 mg concentrations.

Purpose of vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is taken as a preventive measure against cancer. Some people have reported that taking it has been helpful in cancer treatment as well. However, the main purpose of taking laetrile is to help prevent cancer. Know more about vitamins in .

How does vitamin B17 work?

Vitamin B17 helps destroy the  bad cells present in the body. According to studies, the human body continuously make cancer cells and taking vitamin B17 on a regular basis will destroy these cancerous cells.

Laetrile consists of a dangerous substance - cyanide. The cyanide only becomes activated when it gets into contact with a cancer cell. Cancerous cells have a certain enzyme which activates or unlocks the cyanide. The cyanide destroys the cancer cells but does not harm other healthy cells because of a neutralizing substance. Taking vitamin B17 regularly will help prevent cancer because of its ability to kill cancer cells. Apricot seeds, which are naturally rich in vitamin B17, helps ward off bad cells and prevents them from spreading.

Preventing Cancer - Naturally

Apricot kernels are beneficial in preventing cancer. If you have never tried eating raw apricot kernels, be reminded that these are bitter and may be difficult to eat at first. When consuming moderate amounts of apricot seeds, it is best to do so with a full stomach to avoid nausea. You can also eat fruits which contain nitrilosides such as apples, pears, peaches, plums and cherries which help neutralize beta-glucosidase that causes nausea. Apricot seeds and kernels are beneficial to everybody's health especially those who want to fight off cancer cells. Consult your physician or nutritionist if you are planning on taking vitamin B17. Know more about TMG .