What Should You Know About Vitamin B17?


For how many years, research has been done across many countries in order to look for the cure of cancer. Laetrile or amygdalin also known as vitamin B17 has been known to have ingredients that are definitely advantageous in fighting off the cancer cells. It is composed of two glucose molecules and is extracted from the almonds as well as seeds of apricots.

While research is still going on and the toxicity level of vitamin B17 is still not clear, the intake of this B vitamin should not go beyond 3 grams every day, spread over three equal intervals. And because the apricot seeds are not available in the local regular stores, the vitamin B17 in its plain form is also not available. As a result, the natural extracts have actually been the ones that are utilized as substitutes.

Alternatively, you can certainly crack the seeds of apricot and eat the directly and obtain the nutrients from it. On the other hand, this is only probable if it is the season of the apricot seeds. On the other hand, the almonds can be taken advantage as a substitute during the times if the apricot seeds are not available or off season. Know more about Laetrile .

Aside from the stated functions of preventing the cancer, vitamin B17 also plays a huge role in the overall health of the body as well as in the well-being as a whole. It has a wide array of nutritional components that makes sure that the body is functioning so well as well as have the ability to fight off infections such as flu and colds. In addition, it has also been associated to the treatment of cancer wherein tests have presented a huge decrease of cancer and cancer associated cells after the completion of the treatment by means of utilizing this nutritional supplement. On the whole, by means of having a healthy and well balanced diet, the you should always make sure that you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. And ultimately the results will definitely be healthy and positive.

All that you should do later on is to keep this kind of lifestyle - eating a healthy and well balanced diet and having a healthy lifestyle while incorporating vitamin B17 in your day to day life. In this manner, you are not just increasing the years that you will be living but you are also preventing the development of cancer. Check out http://edition.cnn.com/HEALTH/library/supplements/NU00198.html for more details about vitamins.